Storm Towing Pins

Storm designs and produces standard and custom Towing Pins for multiple types of vessels: service vessels, fishing vessels, tug boats, anchor handling vessels. Towing Pins are designed according to Norwegian Maritime Directorate regulations.

Our Towing Pins follow our philosophy: quality build, robust for maximum uptime and minimal servicing needed. As standard we offer our Towing Pins units with seawater resistant surface treatment.

Storm Towing Pins follow a modular type design that allows for more easy configuration, maintenance, replacement and upgrade. Typically alongside Towing Pins, Shark Jaws are in the same package. Modular design means we do not weld the Towing Pins unit to the vessel deck, but we weld a standard box onto the vessel and the units will be bolted inside box. The standard box adds to the functionality by allowing easy service of the Towing Pins unit by unbolting and lifting the unit onto deck where service can be performed more easy and faster, and by having the possibility to quickly upgrade by simply unbolting the old one and replacing with the new one.

At customer request we supply also Towing Pins with direct welding to deck.

Storm Towing Pins features:

  • Each Pin can move and lock independently.
  • Quick installation.
  • Usable for both chain and wire.
  • Robust construction guaranteed to work in harsh environments.
  • Flush with the deck, when not in use.

Optional extras:

  • Remote control portable.

Towing Pins types:

  • SWL 20tonnes
  • SWL 40 tonnes
  • SWL 60 tonnes
  • SWL 80 tonnes
  • custom type according to customer request.

Towing Pins / Guide Pins

Towing pins or guide pins designed, built and tested in accordance with the requirements of the regulatory bodies. For service vessels, tug boats, fishing vessels and other types.

10T to 80T
Deck Equipment


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