Automatic road barriers

For more then 30 years, the Storm road barriers (previously also known as the “Heinsa Sperrebom”) has been delivered to Ferry Terminals across Norway and abroad. The Storm road barrier was developed in close cooperation with the Norwegian Road Authorities in order to be able to operate in the most harsh environments along the Norwegian coastline with low temperatures, snow, ice and seawater – and at the same time meet the special requirements for durability and fail-safe operations 24 hours per day 365 days per year.

Many of the road barriers that where delivered in the early 1990s are still operating today – after 25 years.

Additionally, all Storm road barriers has special safety features in case an emergency situation should occur.


The Storm road barrier can be supplied in different lengths, as simple or double boom, with or without boom support. As a result of the flexibility, these road barriers have can be used in multiple applications.


The Storm road barrier is specially designed for continuous operation for minimum 10+ years. The Storm road barriers meet all the requirements that the Norwegian Road Authorities has for Ferry Terminals.


More than 600 Storm / Heinsa road barriers have been produced and delivered to a variety of customers for more than three decades. Including most Ferry Terminals, Mountain Roads and Railways in Norway. Geographically, The Storm road barriers have been supplied to customers in the extreme North of Norway to The Southern part of Portugal.

Road Barriers

Heinsa Sperrebom or Heinsa Automatic Road Barriers, delivered in the early 1990s are still operating today, 25 years later.

For the roughest conditions

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