With highly skilled people in their field we bring projects to realization utilizing smart solution meant to deliver best quality with optimized costs.


We offer complete fabrication process for all types of material at our Langoya workshop.
Trough our collaborators we can tackle the biggest and most challenging projects with no limit in size, weight or complexity.


Our workshop located next to our pier, gives perfect setup for receiving any type of vessel for equipment installation, replacement and servicing.

Service & After service

Our priority is customer satisfaction. For this, our service manager is always available for your request. Do not hesitate to take contact with him.


We perform inspection, service, troubleshooting and maintenance on hydraulic cranes and hydraulic deck equipment in general. This includes hydraulic hoses, valves, cylinders, winches, fittings, HPU`s, etc..

Storage, logistics and rental.

With access to our pier and storage facilities we offer space for short term vessel docking, storage facilities for multiple purpose.

Our facilities at Langøya

Production building with two dedicated and separated areas for assembly equipped transverse cranes.
Dedicated building for machining and water-cutting.
One smaller building with dedicated area for welding, smaller machining operations, and specialized work operations.
Building for acid bath of stainless steel. This building can also be used for surface treatment and painting.
Dedicated area for electrical engineering and testing of equipment.
Warehouse were we keep spare parts for all our products.
Office building.

900+ Sqm workshop.
Pier 30m deep.
Hydraulic service.
Electricsl service.
And more...

Installation & Service

We are so old-fashionable that we believe service is still an important “thing” for the ship-operators and our customers. Therefore we invested heavily in service facilities-,  machines-, tools- and personnel. We even acquired containers of spare parts, fittings and HPUs in order to have a “total service set-up” for our customers!

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Our Dock

130m dock length with 30m water depth to accommodate most type of vessels: service boats, fish carriers, trawlers, , research vessels, etc..

The dock is located alongside our facilities which is very convenient for all kind of services, including repair, maintenance and troubleshooting. Additionally, vessels can dock at our pier for installation of our equipment.

Storage & Logistics

At your disposal we have a large pier for boat parking and inside and outside storage in large hall or outside containers.

Deep Pier
Large Wearhouse
Additional storage facilities.
And more...